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>> north korea threatens to carry out another nuclear attack just days after the u.n. condemns its rocket launch. hello. you're watching al his era live from doha. the united states plans to -- al jazeera live from doha. 60% of young people do not have a job, the unemployment rate at its highest in 40 years. plus -- >> in egyptian -- in a community in southern thailand, resisting pressure to find another new
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home. >> china is calling for calm and restraint after north korea said it is planning a new nuclear attack. the announcement was made days after the u.n. increased sanctions against north korea following a rocket launch last month. harry fawcett has more. >> if north korea's recent rocket launch was regarded as an act of defiance at the u.n., the security council resolution said that from peon yang reform p'yongyang there was more to come. >> we're not hiding from the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the united states. >> this was both a return to the kind of fiery anti-u.s. rhetoric that has been notable by its actions during kim jong-un's
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first year in power and the confirmation that a third nuclear test was in the works. that confirmation comes as no surprise to south korea. the defense ministry debriefing saying that the proportions of the test site in northeastern north korea were now complete. >> we consider north korea is ready to conduct a nuclear test at any time if the leadership decides to go ahead. we are monitoring the north's nuclear test preparations and its military movement based on its defense position. >> the u.s. special representative on north korea policy called on p'yongyang not to carry out a nuclear test. >> it would be highly provocative, it would set back the cause of trying to find a solution to these longstanding problems that have prevented the peninsula from becoming reunited. i think it's important that they do not test. >> davies also used his visit
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-- the policy that the nuclear test would make harder to fulfil in her first month in office. in the past, north korea has tied such actions around important dates. it is worth noting that the inauguration and the birthday of kim jong il fall in february. harry fawcett, p'yongyang, south korea. >> hong lee has responded to north korea's announcement. >> maintaining peace and stability on the korean peninsula and effecting denuclearization is in the joint interest of all sides. the present situation on the korean peninsula is very complex and sensitive. we hope the relevant parties can remain calm and speak in a cautious and prudent way and not take any steps which may further inflame the situation. >> a senior fellow at the u.s.
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china institute at the university of southern california joins us. china is unlikely to take any action against ally and trade partner in north korea? >> the chinese have been urging south korea and the u.s. to talk to north korea for a long time, and that is something that both the obama administration and the of korean -- and the outbound south korean president has been unwilling to do. the chinese have considerable leverage over north korea. on the other hand, beijing's top priority is to ensure stability in north korea. they are not going to do anything that would undermine the regime of kim jong-un or accelerate any movement toward collapse or internal trouble in north korea. for china, that is more important than the nuclear issue, although clearly they will try to rein in north koreans in now. it is likely the north koreans will ignore the chinese. >> the mali rebel army, which currently holds large parts of the country's north, is split in
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two. the breakaway faction says it is ready for peace talks with the government. the group has been weakened by french, malian, an african union attacks. rebels have abandoned rocket attacks. the residents say they used them as human shields. u.s. president barack obama says he will put general john allen ford for the top nato job. tuesday he was cleared of misconduct over a series of emails he sent to a woman in florida. the accusations were made during the sex scandal that forced his former boss, general david petraeus, to resign as cia director. the u.s. defense secretary is poised to lift the ban on women serving in combat. it will open hundreds of thousands of frontline positions to females. officially, this is a major change, but on the ground, women are already involved in combat. >> since the founding of the
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country, it has been a core u.s. belief only straight men should fight in combat. under the obama administration, the prohibition on being openly gay was lifted. now, with little fanfare, the last restriction -- keeping women on the sidelines will be thrown out thursday. within a year, women who serve in the military -- they make up 14% of the force -- will be eligible to apply for 230,000 new jobs. the reason, the last two u.s. wars. >> there are no frontlines anymore. if you go all the way back to the civil war, you had a front line in the clear back line. you do not now because it is an asymmetric war fight. anybody at any moment to be in danger. >> women have been with combat units. during iraq and afghanistan. >> it was myself and the others and the company. >> 800 u.s. women have been wounded in iraq and afghanistan.
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more than 130 have died, including jennifer. >> i do not want them to forget her. i think probably everybody feels that way -- every parent feels that way. the sacrifices she made an the other is that still do. >> in many ways what will be announced will not be new to the 200,000 women who serve in the military. many have seen combat, train for it, worked near the battlefield. now they would get the official credit for it, opening up the possibility of promotions and better pay. patty, heyne, al jazeera, washington. >> the gap between japan's exports and imports has been higher than it has ever been. from 1979 until 2012, the coverage has an average trade surplus of $7 billion. in 2008, following a record surplus the year before, surplus remained high at $23 billion. but it was the beginning of the downward trend, in 2011, vote in which japan posted a trade deficit of $29 billion.
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now a new record in the red for 2012. the world's third biggest economy has posted a trade deficit of $78.3 billion. u.s. house ever presented this has passed a bill to extend the debt limit until may. it effectively put off the possibility of the u.s. defaulted on its debt. three weeks earlier, congress and the white house hammered out the last-minute deal to prevent the so-called fiscal cliff. the u.s. debt stands at $16.50 trillion. the british prime minister has been building on wednesday's historic speech about his country's future with the european union. david carolwood speaking at the world economic forum -- david cameron was speaking at the world economic forum in switzerland. >> britain has a choice purdue and hope it stands back and the argument -- britain has a
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choice. they can stand back or say yes, the european union needs to change to suit the euro but also to suit all of us as well. make the argument for a flexible, competitive euro, take the british people with you. >> south africa is looking at newark power for its future nuclear ended -- at nuclear power for its future and nuclear energy needs. >> the corzine were the original inhabitants of southern africa. for at least 2000 years, the hunted, herded, and gathered on the land and the sea. skeletons in the sand and evidence of what and where they ate. >> maybe they ate the food out of the jars. >> the land was seized by
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colonialists. under apartheid, their identity was further fracturing the proposal to build a nuclear power station here is unacceptable. >> they take our land. they are ready to take our identity away from us. everything we have got, they take away from us. now what is left for us is only -- >> these artifacts were all collected here. she and her husband, a traditional healer, are trying to preserve a culture they say is not respected. they do not have former first reform of first nation indigenous that as yet. -- they do not have formal first nation indigenous status yet. >> it is not for them to say
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this community is right, this community is wrong. >> nuclear power now only meets 6% of south africa's needs. by 2030 the government wants it to contribute 22%. by building the nuclear power station 2,200 meters back from the coastline, it will avoid damaging any archaeological importance sites. but that has done nothing to placate the tribe. >> we talked to all the stakeholders, but they do not want to listen to us. >> putting a nuclear reactor on land sacred to her tribe will only alienate them further. tonya page, al jazeera, south africa. >> almost 6 million people in spain are out of work as the honorable mayor rate hit 26.2% at the end of last year. -- as the unemployment rate hit 26.2% at the end of last year.
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in may 20 -- in may 2007, unemployment was low at 7.9%. since the global recession can -- began gaining most mentum, -- began gaining momentum, it is rising. 18 months level -- 18 months later, it reached 20% rate by june last year, one-fourth of people in spain were unemployed. joe granville is head of trading at a company and he says there are few signs the economy will improve any time soon in spain. >> economic situation in spain is very grave. every company is in contract in mode, so there are no jobs being created. all the businesses are trying to shrink their jobs on top of the government trying to rein back spending, so a lot of state jobs are being shed. it does not look promising. what is really bad is unemployment at 60%. that is people under 25.
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that is causing concern if for any future growth. spain has serious issues, and i do not see any respite in the near future. with austerity, it is difficult to stimulate growth. i do not think any short-term ability for spain to grow, and i actually think what will happen that will cause any sort of growth in spain is scaling back the austerity program, but they are very against doing that. the feet -- the future is very bleak for spain. >> it is a bleak and dangerous journey. we will tell you why these explorers are replicating the treacherous expedition in the antarctic. heading home, why a french woman jailed in mexico for kidnapping is on her way home.
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>> good have you back. we will go down towards the mediterranean. we have this area of low pressure there will bring you a lot of rain to many locations. it is down here toward palermo in southern italy that sees over 158 millimeters of rain in the last 24 hours. the rain will continue over the next couple of days. precipitation over her towards athens. where it is the darkest, that is where we will see localized flooding. up here it will be cold. in berlin, a high temperature only at eight to minus 3 degrees. northern africa, quite a bit of clouds. rain pours out years as well as -- rain appear in algiers as well as in tunis.
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also remaking its way here, low clouds as well. temperature's only getting into the middle teens. toward cairo, only reaching 23 degrees. down toward central portions of africa, we will be seeing mostly clear conditions, but we are seeing some clouds here. along the coastal regions,
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saturday, january 26 at 8:00 p.m. >> headlines here now on al jazeera. china calling for restraint after north korea announces
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further nuclear testing. the u.s. defense secretary is set to lift the ban on women in contact -- in combat. that means they will be able to serve on the frontlines and potentially lead commando teams. spain's unemployment rate hit 26.2% at the end of last year. almost 6 million people are out of work. there are new pictures from last week's hostage crisis in algeria. a local journalist says 11 workers at the compound were helping the attackers. the japanese government it has also concerned that two of its citizens were killed in that attack. >> life inside the compound during the hostage crisis. these pictures were apparently film when algerian worker held against his will. they show some of the chaotic
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scenes before the gun battles between the kidnappers and government forces. more than 700 people worked at the facility, including 130 foreigners. one algerian journalist has told al jazeera that 11 workers at the complex were actually helping the hostage takers. giving them a detailed plan of the layout. the operation to end the siege killed many, including algerians and dozens of foreigners. several countries expressed their concern at the algerian government's decision to act without consulting them. the japanese government highlighted the lack of information it was given but put the blame for their deaths on the clit -- on the kidnappers. >> whatever -- we strongly condemn these terrorist acts. >> officials in tokyo have confirmed that two more japanese
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hostages were killed, agonizing the -- ending the agonizing wait for news from the two families. >> i just want to see him. i want to see him quickly. >> it is believed that the security setup did not include armed guards. which may have slowed down the attackers. algerian law bans any armed foreign security personnel from operating at plants like this. but now some of the big companies might be looking for that to change. >> the results are respected soon from jordon's parliamentary election. jordon's parliament will have new powers, including the right to choose the next prime minister. tens of thousands of people -- is really hot political newcomer offers hopes that the coalition will succeed.
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-- the israeli political newcomer hopes the coalition will succeed. there will not be a "blocking majority" that will prevent them from forming a government. the pakistan community feels they're being unfairly punished for their beliefs following a graveyard attack. a man tied up a guard and 21 others before smashing more than 100 gravestones. >> the difference between the two halves of this one graveyard is plain to see. one side is neat and orderly, the other smashed to pieces. on december 3 at around one dozen men stormed the cemetery in the middle of the night. armed with guns, pickaxes, and sledgehammers, they set upon these graves, determined to destroy tombstones inscribed
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with koranic verse is. most are regarded as heretics because they believe there was a profit after muhammad. many frown on muslim prayers and epitaphs. the spokesman did not want to show his face because he feared he would be punished for speaking out. he told me the attack did not come as a complete surprise. >> they wanted us to remove all the islamic text which had been written on the tombstones. >> the discriminant -- the discrimination faced by them is unsurprising because in many ways it is mandated by the state. in 1974, pakistan was first elected prime minister introduce
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a constitutional amendment which the clear them on muslims. that means they are prohibited by law by making the call to prayer. -- which declared them muslims. the professor is a prominent islamic scholar. he does not think the graveyard should have been attacked, but he did not condemn the attackers either. >> no one should take the law into their own hands, but what these people did was wrong. , the should not have put inscriptions' on their tombstones. >> sometimes the discrimination has turned violent. in 2010, the taliban attacked mosques. thdi the normally outspoken media were restrained in their coverage very few believe the police will arrest those responsible for that attacks against this community will end
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anytime soon. >> venezuela's vice-president said the government has uncovered a plot to assassinate him. the day is dedicated to celebrate democracy in venezuela. the rally is also used as a platform to support president chavez. a french woman is on her way home after the supreme court of mexico free her from prison. she served seven years of a 60- year sentence for kidnapping. she was released after the court ruled that her rights were violated during her arrest. >> after more than seven years behind bars, florence walked out of a mexican prison a free woman. she is headed back to france to be reunited with her family. >> it took little more than an hour for a five-judge panel to decide that she should be
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released because her constitutional rights had been violated. we ordered the immediate and absolute freedom of florence. >> the judges had been considering a proposal to throw out her 60-year jail sentence and throw out her case back to a lower court. three other judges said that she should be released because much of her evidence had been tainted in large part because her arrest was staged in front of national television cameras. a day after arresting her in 2005, federal police officers pretended to arrest her for the first time. she was not granted immediate access, and there was contradictory testimony from witnesses about her involvement in the kidnapping ring run by her boyfriend. she has always maintained her innocence. >> it is important for us to say, it is enormous for mexico
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because the supreme court is sending a clear and very clear message that these abuses cannot be tolerated. >> families of the kidnap victims were watching the case closely. >> today the highest court shows there is no justice. there is power and money to buy an immediate campaign to portray 8 kidnapper as innocent. >> in the case strained relations between mexico and france, where her sentence has become a national issue the french president welcomed the decision, and her mother reacted emotionally. >> i am full of joy, i am full of joy. i cannot say anything else. i still cannot believe it. until the last moment, i was saying she probably would get a retrial. i did not believe it. >> but many mexicans are unhappy with the decision and say they will be looking for the court to
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uphold their right as forcefully as those of florence. >> the minority group in thailand is fighting to stay on the front land day call their own. the gypsies say they are being forced to move because the land is being used for terrorism. >> they no longer roam on the ocean, but they need to be close to it. they are known as people of the sea, the original inhabitants of this island in southern thailand. when their siege of the ancestors were not on the water, they lived on this season -- when there see gypsy ancestors were not on the water, the live on this land. >> the person who has claimed to own the land has tried to relocate us, but we do not want to leave because this land belongs to us. >> there are more than 2000 chao lay in this village.
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there is out of hall and other health issues. they're seen as easy targets in a country they are discriminated against. >> second-class citizens who have not developed yet. some think of us as dirty and uncivilized. >> there is irony in the fact that people here are resisting pressure to move. but like most see gypsies in thailand and southern myanmar, their lifestyle came to an end a long time ago. their ancestors say this dry land has been their home and it has been for generations. the disputes are being driven by money on an island where tourism is booming and beachfront land is scarce. the sea gypsies say the pressure became more intense to move after the tsunami hit. some vacant land was snapped up illegally. the cases are going to court,
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but in the meantime they hope the government intervention. >> government ministers came to the village to find out what the problem is. it is possible the government might buy the land and give it to the sea gypsies. >> they claim to have a special connection with the ocean. their main source of income is from fishing. some still use the traditional method of free diving. they worry that if they lose
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